Interruptible Electric Load

Midwest Energy offers Commercial customers  with at least 100 kW of curtailable load the option of participating in a voluntary demand response program. In exchange for financial incentives, members enrolled in the program may be requested to shed load during peak times on summer days during times of high market prices or during grid emergencies. 

Financial Incentives:

  • $4 per kW month for interruptible load of 100 to 500 
  • $5 per kW month for interruptible load of 501-1000 kW
  • $6 per kW month for interruptible load of greater than 1,000 kW

Program Design:

  • Minimum interruptible load must be greater than 100kW.
  • The interruptible period is for four hours between 1-9p.m. There is a maximum of 20 interruptions per season (June 1 through August 31).
  • Advance notification  of at least 2 hours is given before most interruptions. 

To learn more about Midwest Energy’s optional Large Interruptible Service Rider (LISR), contact us at 1-800-222-3121.

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