March 03, 2016

Comment Period and Member Meeting Regarding Rate Schedule Revisions

Midwest Energy is considering several changes to its rate schedules and terms as described below.  This is not a general rate increase proposal, but some rate values will change if approved.  The Board of Directors will consider and vote on the approval at an open member meeting on Monday, May 16, 2016 at 1 p.m. at the Midwest Energy Office, 1330 Canterbury Dr., Hays, Kansas.  Members may submit comments no later than Friday, May 6 by email to Patrick Parke or by calling 785-625-1405.

Electric Rate Schedule Changes

  • Miscellaneous edits to Master Tariff, Energy Cost Adjustment, Transmission Delivery Charge, Large Interruptible Service Rider, General Service Small, W Irrigation Service and Recreational Facility Lighting Service.
  • General Service Large – Time of Day: Freeze availability to existing customers and revisions to determination of Billing Demand.
  • Power factor clauses added to Master Tariff and removed from five irrigation, oil field and general service rate schedules.
  • W System Large Power Contract Service and General Service: Edit to or addition of “Applicable” clause.
  • Transmission Level Service: Revisions to “Billing Demand” clause.

Consolidation of Street and Leased Lighting Charges for several fixture types (both increasing and decreasing specific charges) and cancellation of several existing schedules.

New Schedules

Terms & Conditions Proposal includes changes to both electric and natural gas line extension policies to achieve consistency with respect to cost basis and proration of charges plus miscellaneous edits.

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