Natural Gas Transportation

Natural Gas Transportation Service allows you to choose a different natural gas supplier. Midwest Energy will continue to deliver the gas, read your meter, invoice you per your selected billing option and respond to any natural gas emergency.

You may choose from any of the suppliers on the qualified suppliers list:

*Midwest Energy, Inc. makes no representation about the prices or quality of services provided by any of these firms. Further, Midwest Energy, Inc. expresses no opinion on the preference of any one firm over the others. A customer’s choice of a gas marketing firm will not affect Midwest Energy’s provision of transportation services to that customer. 

After you have selected a natural gas supplier and contracted your gas supply needs, complete and submit a Transportation Affidavit to Midwest Energy. We will confirm your choice with the supplier and update your account with your chosen billing option to complete the process.

Natural Gas Transportation is available to all non-residential customers. If you need more information, please call our Energy Management & Supply Department at 1-800-222-3121.