Demand Rates Midwest Energy's Board of Directors adopted a three-part rate structure for all electric rate classes, featuring a customer charge, energy charge and a demand charge. Learn more Calculator Icon Energy Demand Calculator Calculate demand based on the anticipated amount of electrical power used. Learn more Thumbnail silhouette image of a natural gas mater. Natural Gas Rate Changes In May 2021, Midwest Energy's Board of Directors made changes to natural gas rates, the first general rate changes since 2016. Learn more Payments & Billing Payments & Billing Pay your bills, payment options, billing options, and understanding your bill. Learn more Saving Energy Saving Energy How$mart, Energy Audits & Services, and Educational Resources. Learn more Capital Credits Capital Credits Midwest Energy has hundreds of unclaimed capital credit checks for members, ranging from $10 to $2,000 or more. Learn more Rate Schedules & Adjustments Rate Schedules & Adjustments Gas & electric rates. Learn more Automated Meters Automated Meters Your automated meter brings a world of energy information to you, anytime, anyplace! Learn more An icon of a green hand taking a sack of money from another green hand. Garage Tax Exemption Residential customers with detached, separately metered garages may be exempt from Kansas sales tax. Learn more