Billing Options


E-billing is the fastest, easy and FREE way to pay your Midwest Energy bill. When you sign up for e-billing, you receive an e-mail containing a link to your monthly bill. Review your bill online, select your payment method and date (up to the due date) and you're finished! Schedule payments and pay one or multiple accounts with a single, secure online transaction. Archived bills are available online, so you print a hard copy only when needed. Enrollment is fast— have your account number handy and sign up online, or just call us at 1-800-222-3121 and we'll set it up for you. 

Budget Billing Plan

Budget Billing allows you to pay the same amount every month— no more billing surprises! The amount is determined by your past 12 months’ consumption and remains constant for one year. At the end of 12 months, the account will be audited and adjustments made to keep the bill at an average. Budget billing can be used under e-billing or traditional bill methods. You’ll still receive a bill each month showing usage and account balance; however, the amount due stays the same month to month. 

Multipage Billing

Multiple bills issued on the same day will arrive in the same envelope if the name and address spellings are identical. Let us know if spelling changes are needed. Contact us by calling your local office or 1-800-222-3121. 

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to pay utility bills is available through social service agencies. To request an application for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP), call any local SRS office or 1-800-432-0043. To request an application for Midwest Customer Care administered through the Salvation Army, call 1-877-566-2769 EXT 401.