Energy Audits & Services

Midwest Energy provides a wide range of energy services that are based on the three basic building science principles of safety, comfort and affordability. A total building concept is used to analyze buildings. We focus on the total building, not a single subsystem, because the building works as a system.

On average, our specialists in Hays, Colby and Great Bend have 15 years of experience in the building science field. They have all completed and continue to complete numerous hours of training, certifications and licenses dealing with energy performance. Additionally, we invest in the tools required to complete these energy services. 

If requested, we will also conduct source-side power quality surveys for customers as well as detailed customer-side power quality surveys. For more information on an estimate, please contact us by phone at 1-800-222-3121 or send us an email. These services may also be provided to non-customers, but the fees may be higher and will include mileage and other direct expenses.

Energy Services

Blower Door Test – $50

The blower door test is an effective way to determine how much and where your home is leaking conditioned air. Air leakage in buildings represents 10-40% of space heating and cooling costs. If your home is cold, drafty, dusty or too expensive to heat and cool, air leakage or infiltration could be the culprit. Tests usually take around 1.5-2 hours to perform on site and can be done any time of year on any house. Reports include leakage rates, minimum ventilation guidelines and combustions air calculations. 

>Home Energy Rating – $100

A home energy rating is a uniform method of quantifying or rating performance of buildings. The rating estimates the annual energy quantity a home will require, and the cost of that energy. Consumers can use ratings to make valid comparisons of the energy performance of one house to another. If the house has not been constructed, the information used can be from the plans and specifications for the house. Along with this service, the existing home will receive a blower door test at no additional charge.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Sizing – No Charge

We provide HVAC sizing for your home to ensure that equipment will operate efficiently. This sizing will generate a report that will allow your HVAC contractor to install the proper size of equipment. We measure the structure to determine the amount of conditioned space, check wall and attic insulation, record the size and type of windows and doors, take into account the roof color, number of occupants, lights and appliances, and use the information as input data for our computer. The end result will give you an accurate heating and cooling load calculation to give you the highest efficiency and best comfort. 

Building Infrared Scanning – $75 or Process Infrared Scan – $50/hour

A Midwest Energy auditor uses an infrared camera to measure energy loss around ceiling lights during a whole-home energy audit.We use infrared scanning equipment to detect hot spots, which are areas in electrical or mechanical equipment that indicate the equipment could fail. Infrared scans can also identify bearings nearing failure, voids in insulated walls and ceilings as well as locate roof leaks in commercial buildings. Our trained technicians will provide you with a report describing the problem areas along with actual pictures and videotape of the hot spots. Residential customers can benefit from thermography, too. An infrared scan of a home can detect voids in insulation in the building cavity and provide a snapshot of a home’s energy loss. 

Commercial Energy Audit – $50 minimum

Most energy managers recommend an energy audit be done every five years. An energy audit of your facility will identify major areas of energy use and estimate the energy costs associated with the individual areas. Recommendations for reducing energy consumption in these areas are also provided along with the cost reductions that can be expected. A computer simulation of your facility will be performed using data collected from the site visit, typical yearly weather data, energy use histories and current energy rates. Based on the computer simulation, we will make recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Cost is a $50 minimum, and an estimate will be based on the type of building and square footage.

Duct Leakage Test – $50

Our specialists test the integrity of duct work.

Combustion Analysis – $50

Our specialists test combustion efficiency.