August 21, 2014

Crews conducting leak checks throughout Hays

Midwest Energy and contract crews will be in backyards and alleys throughout Hays in the coming weeks, conducting their annual yard line natural gas leak survey.

Hays residents should keep yards accessible during the day — and outdoor animals restrained — to allow crews to conduct their inspection.

Crews will be using a device that detects gas in the air. They will walk along the path of buried gas lines in yards and alleys, and check air around gas meters. If an area tests positive for a concentration of gas, crews will conduct additional tests to find the source of a leak, and determine the best way to repair it.

Crews are completing surveys in northwest Hays over the next two weeks, then working into northeast Hays, and lastly hitting the southern areas of the city. The entire survey can take months, depending on weather and wind.

Residents with questions about the survey, or who have concerns about crews accessing their property, can call (800) 222-3121.

Making Energy Work for You Customer Support 1-800-222-3121