May 28, 2014

Member Meeting Scheduled to Discuss Policy, Tariff Changes

Midwest Energy’s Board of Directors is considering changes to its policies and tariffs as outlined below. The Board will consider these proposals during a member meeting on June 16, 2014 at 1 pm at Midwest Energy headquarters, 1330 Canterubury Dr., Hays, Kan. The changes being considered are:

Gas Infrastructure Rider (GIR)

This proposal re-institutes the annual gas rate adjustment for certain capital improvements. The GIR adjusts rates for facilities already in service but not yet included in gas rates. It is limited to projects that improve reliability or safety and was previously called the Gas System Reliability Surcharge (GSRS). The last improvements included in the GSRS were made in 2010. Updating now for projects completed in 2011-2013 would increase annual gas revenue by $1,001,878. Re-instituting the GIR allows Midwest Energy to defer a full gas rate case.

Recreational Facility Lighting Service 

The proposed tariff is intended to serve large outdoor lighting loads at locations such as ball fields and motorsports facilities. Large lighting loads are presently billed under general service rate schedules, some of which include significant demand charges. This new rate allows large lighting loads to be billed with a lower demand charge if only operated during off-peak periods.

Net Metering 

The proposed revision to the net metering tariff prevents the combination of net metering service for renewable energy installations with a time of day rate. Currently Midwest Energy does not have meters capable of recording power flows in both directions while also recording time of use. Both net metering service for renewable energy and time of day rate options for some types of loads will still be available if the proposal is approved.A member comment period began in April, as announced in the April edition of the Midwest Energy newsletter “Current Comments,” and members who wish to comment on the proposals may submit written comments no later than June 6, 2014 to:

Vice President, Customer Service
Midwest Energy, Inc.
PO Box 898
Hays, KS 67601
or via e-mail.

For additional information on these proposed changes, contact Pat Parke at (800) 222-3121.

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