July 17, 2014

Phone Scam Targets Kinsley Residents

A Kinsley woman reported she has received a series of calls over the past several weeks, and the call ID on her phone shows that the call is coming from Midwest Energy’s office in Kinsley.

Midwest Energy doesn’t engage in telemarketing. It appears someone has ‘spoofed’ Midwest Energy's phone number to trick residents with caller ID into picking up the phone.

The woman reported receiving a series of recorded calls from the same number over several weeks. The first calls were saying there was a problem with her credit card, and to press “1” to talk to an agent to sort out the problem. More recently, the recorded portion of the call was promoting medical alert devices, and instructed the recipient to press “1” to talk with an agent. 

The best thing you can do when you receive these kinds of calls is to just hang up. If they become a nuisance or aggressive, contact the police.

If you ever have doubts that a person who contacts you really works for Midwest Energy, you can hang up and call the utility back at (800) 222-3121.

For more information, contact Mike Morley at (785) 625-1463

Making Energy Work for You Customer Support 1-800-222-3121