October 03, 2013

“Power to the People” Brings Electricity to Guatemala on Smoky Hills Public TV, Oct. 7 & 13

“Power to the People,” an inspiring documentary depicting the journey of 32 electric cooperative volunteers who bring electricity to a remote region of Guatemala, will air on Smoky Hills Public Television Oct. 7 at 9 pm, and Oct. 13 at 6 pm.  

Power to the People details the 30 days of extraordinary effort by Indiana linemen to bring light for the first time to three villages. Along the way, the story captures the rugged beauty of the region and the bonds that develop between the volunteers and the Guatemalans who are grateful for the life-changing convenience of electricity.

“The video is an amazing story of spirit and determination that goes beyond just delivering electricity,” said Bruce Graham, CEO of Kansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., the statewide service organization for the electric cooperatives that serve in Kansas.  “The documentary is a universal message about how electric service makes a health, welfare and quality of life difference,” he added.
Graham has a unique connection to the project and the documentary. He launched the initiative in 2011 while serving as CEO of the Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives. Graham joined Kansas Electric Cooperatives in March of 2012.

“The stars of the show are the 32 volunteers and the 38 Indiana electric cooperatives that donated time and resources.   They took the idea and made it happen,” Graham said.  “I am excited to have “Power to the People” broadcast here because the same commitment and generosity so well demonstrated in this documentary is shared by electric cooperatives in Kansas and across the nation.” 

Broadcast of the production is made possible by the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives of Kansas and Midwest Energy.  Smoky Hills Public Television will show the documentary beyond Oct. 7 & 13 as Smoky Hill's schedule allows. 

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