A gas technician working on a meter, with a message to conserve gas through 11 am on Sunday, Dec. 25. Gas Conservation Urged into Christmas Morning December 23, 2022 Midwest Energy is asking its natural gas customers in Ellis County to conserve natural gas now through 11 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 25. This… Read more
Winter Storm Elliott Pushing Natural Gas Prices Higher Winter Storm Elliott Pushing Natural Gas Prices Higher December 21, 2022 Winter Storm Elliott is bringing a nasty Christmas gift to western Kansas this year, with life-threatening cold temperatures and wind… Read more
Domino's Electric Car Hays Domino’s® First in Kansas With All-Electric Delivery Fleet December 12, 2022 When residents of Hays, Kan., order a Domino’s® pizza for delivery, it will arrive on their doorstep in a brightly colored, all-electric… Read more
Midwest Energy bill showing demand charges and billing demand highlighted. Board Approves Demand Rates Effective Jan. 1, 2023 November 18, 2022 On November 17, Midwest Energy’s Board of Directors approved the adoption of a three-part rate structure for residential and small business… Read more
Midwest Energy Logo Midwest Energy Holding Public Meetings on Proposed Electric Rate Changes September 29, 2022 Midwest Energy is proposing a new three-part electric rate structure for residential and small business (General Service Small) featuring a… Read more
A graph depicting the potential bill impacts for the average residential customer, assuming a demand of 7kW. Midwest Energy Considering Three-Part Rate Structure September 02, 2022 Midwest Energy is considering adoption of a three-part rate structure for residential and small commercial (General Service Small) electric… Read more
A graph showing a Midwest Energy on Track to Recover Excess Natural Gas Costs from Winter Storm Uri July 30, 2022 Midwest Energy is on schedule with recovering $9.691 million in excess natural gas costs during February 2021’s Winter Storm Uri. In May… Read more
A graph showing the NYMEX price of natural gas from December 2019at just above 20 cents a therm, and rising through June 2022 to 80 cents a therm, and the future price of gas through January 2023 at around 85 cents a therm.   Natural Gas Markets Driving Energy Bills Higher June 30, 2022 News articles in recent months have predicted ‘spiking energy bills’ for customers later this summer and winter.  While Midwest Energy… Read more
An image of a smart phone displaying a Scam Calls on the Rise This Summer June 14, 2022 Recently, Midwest Energy has seen a spike in the number of customers reporting scam calls, claiming to be from Midwest Energy and… Read more
A photo of two electric linemen in blue shirts attaching hardware to a new pole that's on its side, in a narrow alleyway.  The pole is being suspended in the air by the boom from a white utility truck. Midwest Energy Named to Operate Larned Electrical System Through 2032 April 11, 2022 At its meeting on April 4, the Larned City Council unanimously approved a 10-year contract for Midwest Energy to provide the day-to-day… Read more

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