February 04, 2014

Changes Proposed to Pump$mart, Interruptible Service Rider and ECA Policies: Comment by Mar. 10

Editor's note: Midwest Energy's Board of Directors approved the policy changes outlined in the story below during its meeting on Mar. 17, 2014. Here are links to the amended LISR, the amended ECA, and Pump$mart documents.

Midwest Energy is considering changes to its policies for Pump$mart irrigation customers, Large Interruptible Service Rider (LISR) customers, and its Energy Cost Adjustment.  Midwest Energy’s Board of Directors has opened a member comment period on the proposals through Mar. 10.

Proposed changes to the Pump$mart program are detailed here, and would include:

  • Lower the minimum horsepower (hp) from 25 to 15.  Pumps under 40 hp would still be required to pay a one-time $500 contribution to the installation cost, but pumps as small as 15 hp could now participate.
  • Change the minimum 20,000 kWh use requirement to 700 hours of estimated run hours in order to qualify for credits each season.  By changing the focus of the requirement to run-time rather than energy consumption, smaller and even medium size pumps that ran a considerable number of hours can still qualify for credits.  
  • Allow Sunday interruptions.  Under this proposal, Midwest Energy could interrupt any day during the season, including Sunday.  As was the case before, no more than 20 interruptions are allowed, no more than 80 hours of total interruption time (120 for PLUS option), and no more than four interruptions in a week.

Proposed changes to the LISR program are listed here, and would include:

  • Reduce the required curtailment amount for enrollment on the Interruptible Service Rider (LISR) from 200 kW to 100 kW.  
  • Add the ability to begin interruptions as early as 1 p.m. instead of 2 p.m.  

Proposed changes to the Energy Cost Adjustment, include:

  • Reducing the time that Midwest Energy would provide the ECA projection before the end of the quarter in which the ECA will be effective from 35 days, to 25 days.  

The Board of Directors will consider these proposals during its regular meeting on Mar. 17, 2014.  If approved by the Board of Directors, the changes would take effect no sooner than April 1, 2014. Members who wish to comment on the proposals may submit written comments no later than Mar. 10, 2014 to:

Vice President, Customer Service
Midwest Energy, Inc.
PO Box 898
Hays, KS 67601 

or online via email. Wording of the proposed policies can be found on the links above, or by request to the preceding addresses.

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